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जिल्हा परिषद व पंचायत समिती निवडणूक बाबत माहीती
Zilla Parishad, Wardha.
  1. Part of Education Department Zilla Parishad, Wardha.
  2. Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad, Wardha is the Controlling Officer of the department.
  3. Main objective of this department into impart in the age group of 15-35 years, the total literacy programme i.e. literacy, post literacy & Continuing Education.
  4. The programme is controlled co-ordinate and implemented through the education branch of all the panchyat samittee for which one Asst. Project Officer each of the grade of extension officer (Education) has been posted.
  5. There is six sanctioned post of Asstt. Project Officer to look after the work of Panchayat Samittee level, again to which five persons are posted and working at present.
  6. The following staff & officers are posted to work at district level.
    • Education Officer (C.E.)                Vacant
    • Dy. Education Officer (C.E.)         Vacant
    • Programme Asstt.                         01
    • Stenographer                                 01
    • Sr. Clark                                          01
    • Jr. Clark                                           02 (01 Vacant)
    • Peon                                                02
  7. The Education Officer C.E. who is designated Member Secretary of Zilla Saksharta Samiti, Wardha. The Zilla Saksharta Samiti, Wardha is registered body, registered. with charity commissioner with soc. Registration act . The objective of the Zilla Saksharta Samiti, Wardha is to run and implement the literacy, post literacy & continuing education programme under the supervision and controlled of primary education & literacy department of ministry of H.R.D.The above programmes are implemented through the grants received from  Zilla Saksharta Samiti, Wardha.
  8. The Zilla Saksharata Samiti, Wardha is an autonyms body and the Chief  Executive Officer is the designated Executive President of  Zilla Saksharta Samiti, Wardha. The President Zilla Parishad is the designated Presedent of Zilla Saksharta Samiti, Wardha. Similarly the chairman Education committee of zilla parishad is the designated vice president of  Zilla Saksharta Samiti, Wardha and the other chairman of different committees of zilla parishad are the designated members of Zilla Saksharta Samiti, Wardha.
  9. The total literacy programme was concluded in the month of March 1992 & Post lieteracy programme was implemented upto 1996. The Continuing Education programmed was stared in Wardha district in 1998 and was run upto 2000. But due to technical problem, the programme become defunct. The second phase of Continuing Education programme was again started in oct. 2006. And the work of 212 centers of ZSS was completed in Dec. 2007 similarly the work of remaining 74 centers run by voluntary agencies was completed in June 2008.  All the CEC are defunt as on today because the instructions issued by the central govt. to that effect. Since in 11th five year plan the structure of literacy promgmme is giving to be revamp the functioning of this centers again by state govt.

  10. Block wise Distribution of CEC in the district :
  11. Sr. No. Name of Block CEC Nodal CEC Total
    By ZSS By VOL Total
    1 Wardha 35 15 50 06 56
    2 Seloo 23 09 33 04 37
    3 Deoli 27 09 36 04 40
    4 Hinganghat 34 11 45 05 50
    5 Samudrapur 25 07 32 04 36
    6 Arvi 27 10 37 04 41
    7 Ashti 17 05 22 03 25
    8 Karanja 23 08 31 03 34


    212 74 286 33 319

    1. Total Percentage 80.50
    2. Male Percentage 87.70
    3. Female Percentage 72.80

  12. Literacy Rate of Wardha District as per 2001 Census.
  13. Sr. No. Taluka Total Male Female
    1 Wardha 83.41 89.11 77.30
    2 Deoli 82.58 90.78 73.83
    3 Seloo 77.44 85.54 68.85
    4 Arvi 78.51 85.92 70.58
    5 Ashti 78.95 86.01 71.34
    6 Karanja 76.24 84.58 67.45
    7 Hinganghat 82.20 89.23 74.67
    8 Samudrapur 76.68 84.82 67.93
    Total 80.50 87.70 72.80
The Continuing Education Programme in the district was launched in 1st December, 1999.
The basic objectives of Continuing Education Scheme are
  • Imparting literacy skills to residual non-literate
  • Imparting basic literacy skills to dropouts, fragile literate and others
  • Provision of facilities for the retention of literacy skills and continuing education to enable the learners to continue their learning beyond basic literacy
  • Creating scope for the application of functional literacy skills for the improvement of their living condition and quality of life
  • Dissemination of information on the development programmes and widening and improving participation of traditionally deprived sections of the society.
  • Creation of awareness about national concerns such as national integration, conservation and improvement of the environment, observation of small family norms etc.
  • Facilities for library and reading rooms for creating environment conducive to literacy efforts and a learning society.
  • Organization of cultural and recreational activities with effective participation
On the basis of –2001 census it was decided to open 33 Nodal Continuing Education Centres(NCEC) and 286 Continuing Education Centres(CEC) in the district. To have effective supervision of centres in the 8 talukas, the entire district is divided into 8 blocks and the centres are allotted to each block as follows.

SELOO 33 4
DEOLI 36 4
ARVI 37 4
ASHTI 22 3
Total 286 33
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