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जिल्हा परिषद व पंचायत समिती निवडणूक बाबत माहीती
SIM Card Based H R I S

        One of the most important inputs in health care is the information that is aggregated them of grass root level functionaries. Under the existing Medical Information system, the ANMs and Medical Officers send the information monthly, though it is garnered through out the month. Since information is vital in planning, analysis, decision-making and for undertaking corrective actions and managing of emergency, it would help to improve the system if information is available real time with a click of a button.

        The Mobile Based HRIS is one such initiative that makes this possible. Earlier ANMs and MOs had to send and maintain a detailed report on topics ranging from immunization to registration of pregnant ladies etc. Sometimes because of a time lag between the occurrence of an event and final reporting, many vital information use to just get lost. This loop-hole can be corrected if there is a way of sending information real time at the time of occurrence of an event. Under the mobile based HRIS ANMs and MOs are provided with mobile phones and taught a syntax of sending messages pertaining to the MIS. The mobile is attached to the server receives the text massage and update the historic data, thereby ensuring the no information is lost. It also reduces the burden of the ANMs and MOs of compilation at the month ending.

        The emergency system has also been woven with the HRIS. In case of an emergency, the ANM of any member of the public needs to send the SMS to the server. Based on the requirement, the server would generate automatic massages and send to all the officers and staffs concerned to handle emergency. The Ambulance drivers have also been linked to the emergency management system. This project has been started on a pilot basis in Selu and Deoli Talukas and in the next financial year would cover the entire district.

       The benefits of Mobile based Health Related Information System are
  1. Availability of real time data for planning and action.
  2. Better decision making and implementation of schemes as any shortcoming is easily detected.
  3. Easier and timely corrective actions can be undertaken.
  4. Loss of information is reduced and accountability of the staff is increased.
  5. The drudgery involved with the date compilation is reduced.
  6. The Health emergency system has been strengthened.
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