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जिल्हा परिषद व पंचायत समिती निवडणूक बाबत माहीती
Arogaya Udhyan

        The medical department of wardha has started the concept of Arogaya Udhyan or Health Gardens with the help of self help group.

        In Wardha, most of the Rural Hospital, Primary Health Centres and Sub-Health Centres have a large tract of land lying totally unutilized. Because of lack of proper care and maintenance the surrounding lands become host of wild grass, weeds and bushes making the health centre unkempt and hostile to the visitors. In order to make the health centres visitor friendly and to make the ambience conducive to health care the concept of Arogaya Udhan has been developed.

        In this concept, the Self Help Groups have been chosen to develop the lawn and health garden in return of a small track of land whose income by easy growing and get sale vegetables, flowers or fruits would that be of the self help group. With the help of SHGs, there has been tremendous rush around of the health centres a fact that can be ascertained by the futures.

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