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जिल्हा परिषद व पंचायत समिती निवडणूक बाबत माहीती
  Jalaswarajya Project

Objectives : -

        The Project development main objective is to assist the GoM in improving the quality of Rural Water Supply & Environmental sanitation service delivery to achieve sustainability.

The Projects Development Objectives (PDO) are to:

(a) Increase rural households' access to improved and sustainable drinking water and sanitation services; and
(b) Institutionalize decentralization of Rural water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS) service delivery to rural local governments and communities.

Project Description : -

        The Project will support Government of Maharastras path breaking reform initiatives in the water supply and sanitation sector. Project has been designed using participatory methodologies involving to a great extent the primary stakeholders (the users and beneficiaries)

Jalswarajya Background : -

        Government of Maharashtra is implementing Jalswarajya Project with credit from the World Bank aimed at scaling up the reform initiatives in the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector of the State. The capacity building and infrastructure support under the Project covers above 3391 Grampanchayats in 26 districts. The Project is being implemented in three successive batches of Grampanchayats and tribal (indigenous people) settlements during a 5-year period beginning from October 2003 to September 2009.

        The project will directly benefit about 3391 Village Panchayat in 26 districts covering about 7 million rural populations
Consistent with the Projects objective of strengthening Panchayati Raj Institutions, Zilla Parishads and Village Panchayats have key roles in implementing the Project.

At the state level, a multi disciplinary team of experts Operation and Monitoring Team (OMT), set up within the Water Supply and Sanitation Department, guide and monitor Project implementation.

At district level, District Water Management and Sanitation Committee (DWMSC), a subject committee of the ZP will be responsible for Project implementation and is assisted by three teams of experts
District Facilitation Team (DFT),
District Appraisal and Monitoring Team (DAMT) and
District Financial Management Team (DFMT).

At the village level, Gram Sabha is vested with all powers of decision-making. A Village Water Supply and Sanitation Committee (VWSC) constituted by the Gram Sabha as a committee of the Village Panchayat, execute Project activities. The Village Panchayat co-ordinates and monitors Project implementation. For providing necessary handholding and technical support at the village level, the Project will identify and develop a cadre of Para-professionals who will continue to support the communities beyond the Project duration.

Designed as a process Project, the Project will implement cascading processes and activities to mobilize the primary stakeholders the users and beneficiaries of water supply and sanitation services and empower them to take crucial decisions and self-management of Project related activities. The Project is aiming to translate community participation, a field reality, not only in water supply and sanitation sector but beyond. The Project considers participation as the highest level of user involvement to collectively identify, analyze and priorities problems, search and evaluate options of solutions, plan for sustainable solutions to the existing problems, implement through social actions the plans and take care of the long-term operation and maintenance of water supply and sanitation solutions implemented by them.

Jalswarajya - Organisation

Out of the 26 Districts in Maharastra, Wardha is one of the District where Jalswarajya Project is implemented from last five years and provide following project component Objectives.


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